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2018-06-25 Roof for the centre
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Vision: It is every persons’ right to live a happy (inner) peaceful life and to contribute to a lovely world.
Time waits for no man, time is meant to be used to its utmost. We have to do it (life) ourselves & must help each other wherever needed & possible.
We believe in collaboration and in the good in people. We believe it works to be challenged. We expect to be less needed in the end as (non governmental) organisation (NGO) for this community, as it will be self-sustaining.
Mission: Provide the basics for disadvantaged, vulnerable youngsters and community members such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter, in particular education, and facilitate the development of talent, from the grassroots, through lifestyle counseling and also through sports. We aim at facilitating a self-sustaining community.
Objectives: Read here.
Our values: Integrity, Equality & Responsibility. We challenge ourselves and each-other on these values in everything we do.

Beneficiaries: The youngsters, the families, the community, the sports of boxing, government, other peace ambassadors in our international network of cities of peace, our clients and ourselves (the whole team including our trainers).

We work through you, community member
: It all starts with an interview, with our managing director, personal assistant and a third person (of your choice). The interview is confidential. Then both you and we will decide whether we will work together (or not). You become a member when we decide to work together. Members  benefit from (part of) our program.
Privacy & confidentiality: We highly respect your, and our privacy & confidentiality. Read here our statement.

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