Zana Social Development Org.

2017-04-11 Launch of the website

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2018-06-25 Roof for the centre
with help of some of  Our Friends

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Core team

- Founding - & managing directors
- Management support / secretary
- Advisory board

- Promotors & project leaders
- Other staff

- Volunteers

Background and scope:

The inspiration came July (2015) when we started interviewing the families / caretakers of the
junior members of Nasser´s Junior Boxing Academy in Zana. We wanted to build a Learning
Centre facilitating positive experiences. Read more..
Field of operation:

Focalise organically from the grassroots the positive energy, the willingness to improve life, in
particular of the vulnerable community members, through facilitation, empowerment & personal
development and through cooperation with humanitarian organisations, government and local
organisations (like schools, medical centres, mosques & churches).
We provide the basics for the needy such as food, clothing, medicine and shelter, we assist and
develop the community, investing their resources in ways that lead to self-sufficiency & self-
sustenance, we rehabilitate and restore social, physical and psychological disabilities, we
provide education and talent development and use sports as a way to improve physical and
mental condition & providing a place to stay out of drugs, pocket picking et cetera.

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